Style Crush

Style Inspo: Martha Hunt

I’ve been so incredibly bored with my closet lately. There hasn’t been a single day this week (except maybe one) where I haven’t reached for a light, baggy sweater and jeans. It might be a mood based thing (everything seems to suck) or maybe it’s just so hot & humid out I just don’t want to be bothered. Unfortunately, I have occasions coming up where surely people will not want to see my laziness/mood on full display. SO I went in search of inspiration. What is cool right now? What are people wearing? What do I wish I could pull off as some #GOALS?

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 12.46.36 AM

Enter Martha Hunt. I don’t know much about her other than she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and a member of Taylor Swift’s “squad.” Whatever that is…After seeing an outfit I could really pull off, I fell into a complete rabbit hole looking at her style. Victoria’s Secret models are my favorite source of life inspo. I’m not even gonna lie I love doing Youtube work outs that claim I can get Victoria’s Secret abs, legs, or whatever other body part you can name. I WISH I could have abs this great. Anyway, Martha’s style is sexy and just plain cool. There were so many outfits I wanted to copy instantly. Most of them were simple but well put together and eye catching.

Below you’ll find some of my favorites and selected pieces to recreate them.



Midi skirt, sandals, blazer, sunglasses, leather leggings, denim shorts, camisole, flats, lace bodysuit (if you’re daring), crop trousers, metallic shorts, ankle boots, trendy bag

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 12.41.17 AM


Style Crush: Kirsten Dunst

One of my very favorite actresses growing up was Kirsten Dunst. I would see everything that she was in, and, for a short time, Bring It On was my favorite thing in the world. Thanks cheerleading…Drop Dead Gorgeous was my “home sick” movie despite the humor being possibly too dark for a middle school girl to be repeating. Just the other day I saw her Variety cover shoot with Sofia Coppola (another favorite) and was utterly in love with the looks. They are so classic and perfectly tailored. Serious heart eyes emoji.

Shortly after I fell into a rabbit hole looking at her street style across the internet. Her red carpet style has been called “daring,” but her every day style is so chic. She might not wear the most trendy designer supplied pieces, but everything she chooses is quirky and suits her personality. One thing I really enjoy about her style is that we are in the same age bracket relatively so these looks are wholly age appropriate. Many of them have pieces I already own (which is one thing I love when looking at style) and they are achievable. It’s not some “off duty” model style that feels alien and uncomfortable to wear grocery shopping which is cool. I think it’s really cool to have with such similar style to mine to look to for more inspiration.


Style Crush: Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is a woman of many hats. She’s an actress, cellist, and former beauty queen, but most of all she has terrific style. This makes her eligible to be a source of style inspiration (and subject of Style Crush). I didn’t know much about her other than seeing her on random social media posts during events where style is heavily prevalent.

Olivia was named Miss USA in 2012 and Miss Universe the same year. I’m not entirely sure how Miss Universe works because the entire universe (aliens) aren’t invited to compete? Regardless, from what I’ve learned Olivia’s style combines classic staples with current trends in a fun, flirty way. Some of her staples include bodysuits and high waisted jeans, and she even praises looking to places like Zara and Topshop for trendy pieces that can be worn year after year (#same).

What I really like about her style is she boldly takes on trends like the completely sheer top and keeps them looking classy (when it very easily can go south….fast). Another thing I like is her ability to rock an entire outfit of white pieces. Sure, solid black is a classic but changing it up to white is incredibly polished and chic. One thing I learned during this process is she believes in getting dressed in the moment. She doesn’t plan her outfits ahead of time but rather uses her mood to dictate what she wears to portray how she feels. That’s definitely something worth trying.

As always below are some looks worth trying out but with a few minor changes here and there.


BodysuitLeather leggingsFlatsAviatorsHandbagJacket



Style Crush: Bella Hadid

Okay Rachael, I finally did it. praisehandsemoji

I’ll begin this blog by saying I spent a good day of my spring break looking at photos of the Hadid sisters. It wasn’t difficult as fashion month has just passed and there are sweet baby angels on Tumblr who log hours and hours sharing these photos. It makes this post way easier, I’ll have you know. So after much research and some coercing from my best friend to do this, I’ve finally created this blog post. In case you were wondering, I’m still very much a Gigi rather than a Bella when it comes to style. As if that’s a thing anyone should ever ponder….?

Bella Hadid is a model and younger sister to Gigi Hadid. She began modeling when she moved to New York City to study photography at Parsons School of Design. Since then she has walked in many fashion shows, starred in music videos, and also dated The Weeknd. Her style has the ability to transcend from high fashion to relaxed athlesiure wear with ease which is why her runway booking options are endless. Her off duty style is just as on point as the runway looks she wears creating the ideal balance. Bella takes runway looks and makes them all her own by adding touches from the 90s. The versatility she has when it comes to off duty style is admirable.

All of the looks below are recreated with a few alterations and a budget in mind because…real life.

Sunglasses | Mini Skirt | Top | Leather Jacket | Boots



Seven Day Style: Dakota Johnson

While looking for some new style inspiration, I stumbled upon someone who already dresses pretty similar to myself: Dakota Johnson. I was overjoyed to see a whole new slew of looks I could create with pieces I already owned or could buy and get plenty of use out of. Then I shortly realized what could have been a really great style crush post would be far too long because I was obsessed with so many of her looks. Enter the seven day style idea. Seven Day Style is the expanded version of style crush mixed with a weekly style inspo post I used to do on my old blog.

In case you don’t know, Dakota Johnson is an actress who has starred in 21 Jump Street, Ben and Kate, How to Be Single, 50 Shades of Grey among others. She is daughter to Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Her style is incredibly relaxed and cool. She makes looking cool seem effortless (which makes me incredibly jealous). Many of her looks are laid back, basic, and easy to copy. Many of her best looks feature wardrobe essentials (like the basic white tee and sneakers), and they make dressing down still fashionable. There’s no need to be wearing high heels to take your dog on a walk or anything. Dakota’s looks fit any occasion and give off a “trying but not trying too hard” vibe unlike many of the other style inspirations I’ve covered previously. Her style is incredibly attainable and more fitting with the ways of regular human life. Especially because most of the items can easily be mixed and matched to create different looks.

Below I’ve chosen seven looks or a week’s worth of her style to be inspiration for the week ahead.


Topshop denim jacketH&M skinny jeansZara bootsZara x Rolling Stones teeExpress satchelClassic Specs sunglasses


H&M sweaterTopshop mom jeansASOS mule loafersForever 21 bag


H&M blouseMango blazerRag & Bone jeansRebecca Minkoff bagOliver Peoples glassesMadewell flats


J. Crew sweaterASOS coatConverse sneakersZara jeansVictoria Beckham sunglassesWho What Wear clutchForever 21 rings


J. Crew button downTopshop mom jeansVero Moda leather jacketRay-Ban sunglassesAdidas sneakers


ASOS sweatshirtTarget leggingsNike sneakersTopshop teeLe Specs sunglasses


Topshop dressRebecca Minkoff bagUrban Outfitters sunglassesJ. Crew earringsASOS loafers




Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is most known for her role on the MTV show The City which was a spin-off of The Hills which aired from 2008 to 2010. Since the show ended she has been a model, socialite, guest judge on Project Runway, and become incredibly well-known for her style. So much so she just became global style embassador for Banana Republic, and when Googling her, “street style” is one of the most common things being searched. She has made an interesting imprint on the style world for mixing bold pieces with casual classics and embracing trends head on. She is often one of the most photographed street style subjects during fashion month.

Now, at first when she was suggested to me, I didn’t think I’d really love many of her looks. We all know I’m pretty basic and classic (okay maybe the word here is boring), but when researching looks I realized that there were so many of her looks I truly wish I could pull off. I was told I would love her collection with Chelsea28 (and I did) and that although some of her pieces were a bit more “wild” I could still find something to love. This was absolutely true. What I really enjoyed about her style after digging deeper is how polished she consistently looks no matter if it’s just stepping out to walk her dog or walking into the next biggest fashion show. Her style is a perfect mix of comfortable and chic so there’s always something that fits the occasion.

There are plenty of looks that are easily pulled off or just changed around a little bit. I really love how effortless most of the looks appear to be which makes them even easier to get the look. Part of evolving stylistically means pulling from new influences, and I am definitely going to be adding some of her most polished looks into my style file cabinet.

Ugh, who says file cabinet anymore…


H&M turtleneckTopshop jeansLe Specs sunglassesKate Spade bagStella McCartney sneakersThe Horse watch


J. Crew pencil skirtH&M sweaterZara blazerLuLu heelsLuLu Guinness clutchRebecca Minkoff ring


Lush blouseH&M pantsAdidas sneakersHouse of Harlow 1960 ringQuay sunglassesZara scarf


Le Specs sunglassesJ. Crew pantsZara sweaterShashi necklaceSteve Madden heelsSaint Laurent bag



Style Crush: Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2

For whatever reason in 1982, Hollywood made a sequel to Grease starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield. The film unrealistically takes place two years after the first film and follows Sandy’s cousin, Michael, and his experiences trying to acclimate to the iconic Rydell High. Of course, there are T-Birds and Pink Ladies which Michael attempts to join by becoming a mysterious, motorcycle riding bad boy. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Stephanie Zinone the Pink Lady whom Michael falls in love with.

The movie is comically bad, but one of those movies I can’t resist watching. Even Netflix recommends it to me with immense judgement. The songs are questionable and are much bigger ear worms than the original. But there is one thing the film has going for it: Stephanie’s style. For 1961, her style certainly doesn’t fit the bill. It definitely has 1980s looking pieces and inspiration. Stephanie dresses a bit more masculine and relaxed than a girl in 1961 would have, and there are many more sequins. One of my favorite looks is Stephanie’s “Cool Rider” look because it is all black and simple but edgy. See the video at the bottom

While Grease 2 isn’t the best movie in the world, Stephanie’s style is one thing to admire about it. Plus it’s incredibly easy to pull off many of these looks today with more modern pieces and still look incredibly cool.