Victoria Beckham for Target

Just yesterday Victoria Beckham’s range for Target hit stores and online. I woke up pretty excited about adding some pieces to my wardrobe but felt a little overwhelmed. There’s about 200 pieces for women and children from clothing to accessories. When finally browsing I was still a little undecided.

I really like the choice of fabrics and find the colors to be charming. I don’t feel as though many of the items would be universal to my body type though. I do enjoy they fit cohesively with a runway collection she debuted a couple seasons back that I wrote about for another website. I was met with disappointment finding out many of the items were only available in store and yet no store around me. Until recently when I checked the website again to find plenty of the pieces were in stock.

I do love many pieces of this collection and they are slightly affordable. I think they are definitely worth the price just on looks alone, but I have yet to try any of them on in store. That said, I chose my favorites (although I really do also want a scarf) in case you need some convincing. I am seriously eyeing that retro mini would be such a jump outside my comfort zone.

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#GOALS – Emily Ratajkowski

While coming up with the text to accompany this post, I tried to think of a way to explain what #GOALS means. There are all kinds of goals from fitness goals to relationship goals all of which are unique to the people perceiving them. According to a quite bitter person on Urban Dictionary, being GOALS means being someone everyone sucks up to and lives an incredibly staged Instagram life in order to be validated by likes and comments.

To put it nicely, being #GOALS means being something to aspire to. Whether you stage your Instagrams or not (everyone is guilty of this at one time or another) you can still be #GOALS to your loyal following. Nerdy COM major statement in 3..2..1….Social media has given us the power to curate the spaces we want based on the type of person we want to be seen as. Yes that often means staging our photos and retouching those photos so they look better and give off the perfect vibes.

Enter Emily Ratajkowski who is Instagram #GOALS among other types of goals. Her feed is  filled with images of tropical locales, bikini shots (#fitnessgoals), and tons of fashion inspo. Sure pulling off her style might be a little difficult sometimes and there’s about a 0% chance of me ever posting an instagram in sworts and a bra, but if you’re daring enough to try her looks many can translate fine to regular life. I would LOVE if my Instagram feed was half as good as hers.

These are some of my favorite regular, every day style looks featured on her Instagram.


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Spring Shopping List

There are three factors that contribute to me wanting to go shopping. Either I haven’t bought clothes in a while (“a while” being relative), Zara is having a sale, or I have just cleaned out my closet of clothes I no longer wear. Fortunately for me, all three of these things are currently true so I’ve created a bit of a shopping list. This shopping list is a combination of spring trends and just a few other things I wish my closet currently had.

I bet you can gather which are the trends (this monochrome girl isn’t jumping at the bit to rock some yellow now is she?) and what are pieces I have my eye on. Huge spring trends include yellow, banker stripes, flat mules, and tulle. Every girl needs a good pair of mirrored sunnies and I’ll buy nearly anything with stripes (hi, blog name). I don’t necessarily need a new bralette, but Madewell has a lingerie collection I am absolutely obsessed with.

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What Is My Closet Missing?

Ah, the discontent of my closet. A timely event that happens once every few months where I contemplate what I want to buy but probably shouldn’t. Whether it’s trendy pieces or upgrades to pieces I already own, there’s always something I’ve got my eye on. With the new year (and new year new me attitude) I’m considering the many ways to update my wardrobe and taking advantage of the sales.

  • Pleated skirt is the it skirt of the moment in the prettiest pale pink shade
  • Tote bag large enough for everything I need to carry around in life
  • Classic flats are a staple of any wardrobe always worth upgrading and updating because they are worn so frequently
  • Pink Blouse to add a little more trendy pink into the rotation
  • Nike leggings to replace ratty old loose leggings for hitting the gym (or running errands)
  • Statement sleeves are everywhere

Ugh, I Need a Gym Bag

I don’t consider myself a gym rat by any means. I go (nearly) every day, do my cardio, and peace out. I don’t explore, and I’ve never even used the locker room. Which is exactly how all of the storage compartments in my car have become holders for all my gym needs. Everything from spare headphones to antibacterial hand spray fill the random areas I can find so I have them when I need them.

Obviously this is terribly inefficient and messy. It’s time to get my sh*t together in 2017 so enter the real solution: a gym bag. A bag where I can keep all of my odds and ends, a change of clothes, or anything else I might need all in once place. It will free up my car storage for real things like candy (this is ill-advised). Surely I have a spare tote bag or old weekender I can use, but that takes away the fun of shopping for a stylish new gym bag, doesn’t it?


What to Wear: New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away, but for some, okay maybe just me, it’s hard to decide on what to wear. Sure, I’ve already written about sequins and shared some holiday party inspo, but when thinking about my own outfit I’ve been stuck in a rut. Do I wear a romper with a coat? Coated jeans and a sweater? That leather mini dress I’ve been eyeing at Zara for weeks? 

Choosing the perfect New Year’s Eve out truly depends on what your plans are. Of course, it’s going to be pretty cold outside and there’s a chance of rain which is disappointing to my plans (Which include spending a bit of time outside). Comfort (along with warmth) is essential because, like with anything, if you’re uncomfortable it will show. I think a short romper can easily been worn at parties taking place inside homes, restaurants, or clubs because the time spent outside will be minimal. Long jumpsuits are chic and can be worn anywhere while dresses are the most common choices for party attire.


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Trend Report: Sparkling in Sequins

When thinking of holiday outfits one simple thing comes to mind: the Rudolph dress I wore once in when I was 7 that had a light up nose run by a battery pack. Kidding. It’s sequins. Not everyone can pull off a side ponytail & dress run off a battery pack combo. Parties and festive gatherings are the most frequent and most acceptable places to wear sequins. That and 21st birthday parties when you don’t know any better. But I digress…

According to a Smithsonian Magazine article, sequins date back to the ancient Egyptians and were found on the garments of King Tut. It is believed the discs would ensure his financial stability in the afterlife. They were used by many cultures and were even believed to ward off evil spirits. Old Victorian sequins would even melt to the human body if the weather conditions were too hot or too wet. One of the coolest evolutions of sequins came from a man who worked at Kodak who developed acetate sequins inspired by the popular acetate film. Now they are made of a plastic vinyl which is much less cool.

Sequins take on a new life around holiday time but aren’t strictly for the party scene. When done right they can be worn just about anywhere even the office. I would tread lightly when wearing them to the office. Pick appropriate pieces like a jacket or a pencil skirt paired with a basic tee, sweater, or jeans. Pairing the sparkly wonders with solid color basics will make them more eye-catching focal point rather than a full on questionable choice. Sequin dresses need not apply, please don’t try to wear one of those to the office…My advice (and how I approach sequins) less is more. Choose one piece covered in the sparkly stuff and no more than that. If you’re not daring enough go for something understated or just a handbag.


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