Five Fun Things: Super Bowl Edition

It seems like this year everyone has Super Bowl Fatigue. I get it. Who wants to watch Tom Brady win yet another Super Bowl? It’s like Groundhog Day. Just the same thing over and over. Trust me, as someone who lives in a different kind of Groundhog Day scenario, I get it all too well. But, truly, even if you can’t get behind the game itself, there’s always the commercials and the food.

In honor of the big game that will be shoved down our collective throats for at least the next 72 hours, I thought why not make the most of it with five fun things. These things will either enhance your Super Bowl 52 experience or just be (hopefully) entertaining for about 5 minutes.


Super Bowl parties are all about the food, right? So why not try some Fully Loaded Black Bean Nachos or Bob Armstrong Chili Con Queso.


Maybe you’re excited about Justin Timberlake’s Halftime performance or maybe you’ll just use this 15 minutes to stare blankly at a wall instead. But maybe use the time to see all 51 previous Super Bowl halftime shows ranked by CBS Sports.


Want to be the MVP of your Super Bowl party but don’t know a single thing about this year’s match up? Here’s a cheat sheet: 52 Things You Need To Know About The Patriots vs The Eagles.


I’m not a fan of the “leaked commercial” but if you are, here is all of the Super Bowl commercials already released.


Every Super Bowl party needs a stylish outfit, and since my team is definitely not playing (but damn we were close), jerseys and other team-centric outfits are not an option. So I’ll be pulling my outfit inspo from this look.


When I’m Bored I Browse…

I won’t sugarcoat anything. January was a gigantic bummer. I had zero motivation to do anything. I’m not sure if it was just being over life’s bullshit or the existential crisis that inevitably comes with finishing college and wondering why I can’t get my life together if everyone else (seemingly) already has. But on the upside there’s a Zara gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

I can’t recall the last time I even bought clothes let alone went on a shopping spree. So I decided to browse Zara’s website and see what I could find. They just dumped a whole bunch of new stuff online so there was plenty of things to check out. The only upsetting thing is that most of it is for the transition period between winter and spring. You know where it’s still cold out, but sometimes gets warmer. The transition period Arizona quite literally never has and certainly doesn’t have this year.

Mini dresses are one of my favorite things to purchase. They always look stylish and, if taken care of, they can’t last a fairly long time. It’s my go-to when I need to buy a dress. Plus I can take chances I normally wouldn’t take on trendy things like florals. I love a good faux leather mini skirt, and I’m always trading off between trousers and jeans. None of these things I’ve chosen should really be any surprise.

Pearl mini dress, Crossbody bag, Dress with bow, Pearl sweater, Faux leather skirt, Military coat, Jeans with piercing detail, Floral mini dress, Jogging trousers, Leather effect leggings

color trend good as gold

Good As Gold

Everyone knows I have a long running obsession with rose gold. I think if its copper, rose gold, or marble I instantly want it. But there’s one shimmery, metallic that everyone can get behind: Gold. I do love gold whether its simple like a sweater or cute like sprinkles on Christmas cookies. Whether it’s being worn or just around the house, gold adds a little bit of excitement to everything. It’s just sparkly but chic and classic at the same time.

When it comes to gold, I’m more about the home decor and home goods than anything else. I am obsessed with these gold mixing bowls from Target, and I’m 100% positive my kitchen needs them ASAP. Sorry current vintage mixing bowls, you’re moment is over. I love this bar cart and flatware because they are just little accents rather than something overwhelming. A gold bar cart stands out as an accent piece in any room. Besides who doesn’t love a good bar cart? 


Hitting the Gym In Style

I’ll admit going to the gym in January is probably my least favorite time of the year. I’m a frequent early morning gym goer and in the winter the sun doesn’t come up until about 7:30. Not to mention it’s really chilly out so I just want to lay in my bed forever. Then there’s the influx of New Years resolution gym joiners. While I’m definitely team “you do you,” I choose one of the least populated times for a reason. I can’t stand when people insist on being right next to me when there’s 33 other empty treadmills in the vicinity. Believe me, you’d feel the same if someone insisted on using the elliptical next to you while talking on the phone every time they used it. Every. Time.

But enough of my complaining. Activewear has been a huge trend for a while now. It’s more commonplace to wear these outfits everywhere from the grocery store to brunch. Speaking of which, can we stop wearing this stuff to brunch? Either way having really stylish activewear to the gym makes it much more fun to go. I’m definitely not a ratty, old clothes at the gym type of person. But lately I’ve felt myself slipping because the holidays did a number on me, and I wasn’t feeling 100% great. I am trying to flip that down and reverse it so I went looking for some fit style inspo. It was not hard to find, and now I might have less of a problem looking good at the gym, but getting out of bed to begin with is a whole different story.



budget friendly gift guide

Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: Under $50

For the last of the holiday gift guides I decided to remain budget friendly picking things that are under $50. I chose $50 as a budget because, well, things just get better when you spend a little bit more money. Sure, you can swing by and pick up a $8 ornament at Starbucks, but there’s just something about Chambong that is just more fun. Who doesn’t want to guzzle champagne faster than human life ever intended?

SHOP: Kristin Ess gift set, Who What Wear pumps, Glass wine bottle ornaments, The New York Times: 36 Hours USA & Canada, Blue Bottle Coffee blend box, Sugarfina Cheers! bento box, Williams Sonoma monogrammed cheese board, Williams Sonoma copper & marble cheese knives, Marble notebook, Chambong, BaubleBar earrings, Craft cocktail set, Demi salt & pepper shakers, Turntable Kitchen subscription, Diamond glasses, Extend Your Style Dry Shampoo Collection

Check out all the gift guides: Best Friends, Pets, Mom & Dad, Misters, Sisters


Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: Best Friends

The best gift guide has arrived. The perfect gifts for sisters from another misters. The person who gives you guy advice you’re likely not to take and eventually regret. The person who encourages you to “eat the burger” because life is way too short to keep eating kale. The person who orders pitchers of margaritas because life. Best friends often know things about us that no one else really does. They are there for us when we do dumb things or attempt to stop us from doing dumb things.

I appreciate my best friend immensely for more reasons than stated above. She makes my life exciting where it normally would be boring. She encourages me to try new things, not to stay at home on Saturday nights, and let’s me know everything will be fine even when I don’t believe it ever will be. She’s really part of my family and always has the right thing to say when others really don’t. We may scream at each other sometimes, but it’s probably because I’m being ridiculous about something (like stressing out about getting lost or getting a B on a test). So I created this gift guide filled with special things for best friends.

Particularly my best friend. Who loves buying things she doesn’t really need late at night especially if it’s gold and shiny. They are the gifts that show our best friends how much we appreciate them and all they do for us throughout the year.

SHOP: Pop & Suki best friend keyring, Slip silk pillowcase, Everlane sweater, Native Union marble iPhone dock, Hansel from Basel cat socks, GLDN best friend necklace, Ouai To Go kit, BH Cosmetics brush set, Cat corkscrew, Vinebox subscription, Brooklinen candle set, Monogram pasta shirt, Sugarfina But First Cocktails bento box, The Curated Closet, Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking, Lancome Olympia Le Tan Le Vernis top coat


Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: Parents

Being a parent must be rough sometimes. I wouldn’t really know. I’m pretty much just a dog mom and I know she’s a handful. I mean who else insists would insist on eating their Trader Joe’s gingerbread dog treats on my Christmas tree skirt like it’s some kind of convenient blanket? Someday I hope to be a parent as scary of thought that is. I look forward to the days I’ll be piling on even more things than I already attempt to.

But for now, I must admit I appreciate my parents. They are the ones that would scare away monsters, give me incredibly useful life advice I would rarely ever listen to (then regret), and put up with me at my very worst. They are the most supportive people even if that sometimes means invading your space or texting you 6,000 times in one day to see if you received your final grades. Because you know, they, along with their coworkers, are more proud of you than you are of yourself. Okay maybe that’s just my parents…but they aren’t always the easiest to shop for.