Summer Style Inspiration

I’ll be straight up honest; getting dressed when it’s 110+ degrees outside is an absolute chore. We’ve had a heat advisory for about a week now, and despite living here my entire life I’m not used to it. There’s no way anyone can get used to walking outside and practically not be able to breathe. Enough about the weather, right? It’s summer and it’s gonna be hot in the Northern Hemisphere.

When you don’t feel like putting a ton of effort into getting dressed you come to appreciate stylish pictures on the internet. There’s just a lot of browsing Tumblr in my lazy Target shorts. (#honesty) There are only so many fabric options, colors, and ways to work with what you’ve got when you have three incredibly long months ahead. These are some of my favorite style inspo images I’ve compiled on the style tag of my Tumblr (Found here).  They are definitely giving me the summer vibes I need to get my sh*t together and get dressed.


Time to Buy…A Bathing Suit

One of the best and worst things about summer are bathing suits. Chilling poolside is basically a requirement right now (it’s about 120 degrees out right now as I type this, no lie) and doing it fully clothed would be weird. The material swimsuits are made from is often cooler than some items of clothing so they are even wearable outside of the pool. There is a return to modesty this summer with more swimsuits being made of more fabric and cuts that provide greater coverage. The chic one piece is having a major moment right now, but like many other things, it really depends on the person, their preference, and body type.

I love this Zimmerman striped bikini because I love a good set of stripes and a bikini. With a one piece I like the Solid & Striped Lexi. The navy color is classic and the white provides nice, clean lines.

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Yellow + Denim

Looking at my closet right now there is a sea of monochrome colors with a few little dusty pinks or blues here and there. But I’m dealing mostly with black, white, and grey. Certainly no yellow. I think the last time I wore yellow was over 10 years ago and it was a terribly ill-fitting dress. But this spring (and now summer) yellow is a really in color and for good reason. It looks really good with a tan (which I wish I had right now).

Yellow is such a bright, cheerful color which definitely intimidates me. Denim is just a regular staple so there’s just something about pairing them both I find appealing. It’s a very summer combination. Denim just feels rough and tough so breaking it up with the yellow makes it feel lighter. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to incorporate yellow into one’s style so there’s no need to jump headfirst into it. I just know I’d be too intimated to rock another yellow dress, but after browsing around it might be worth trying (I’m really feeling this H&M top). If not there’s still earrings, sunglasses, and even bathing suits to take the plunge with.


Backpack, Sneakers, Sunglasses, Earrings, Top, Shorts, Sundress, Jacket, Sandals, Bag


Cutoffs, Sandals, Sunglasses, Blouse, Bag, Shorts, Tank, Sandals, Bag