Trend Report

Summer Trend Report

Every season there is a mountain of trends to keep track of. Even while brainstorming this post I had to dig through more than I could probably recall from memory. Everything from yellow to graphic prints and off the shoulder to stripes will occupying our favorite stores for the next few months. So with that in mind, I’ve chosen four of those trends I can really get behind for summer.

Not into these? I’m also partial to white dresses, white sneakers, and, of course, stripes.


Styled: Boyfriend Jeans

A good pair of boyfriend jeans are a wardrobe essential. A girl can never have too many different pairs of jeans. Boyfriend jeans go in and out of style, but right make an outfit look relaxed without trying very hard. They are often baggy with a low waist which is a very 90s type of silhouette for girls. Boyfriends jeans can offset dainty pieces like lace or crop tops to add a little something extra to an outfit.

It girls and fashion girls love boyfriends jeans so there’s plenty of places to look for inspiration. One of my favorite ways to wear distressed boyfriend jeans is with a baggy sweater and loafers. It looks effortlessly chic but not too relaxed where it becomes frumpy. There are tons of different washes, styles, and brands to check out so it’s easy to find the right pair.

If you haven’t considered them before or thought they were out of style here is some inspiration to guide you.


Bodysuit, Jeans, Sunglasses, Heels, Handbag


Trend Report: Political Statement Tees

Political statement tees were all over the runway during fashion month. Considering this current political climate it’s not hard to understand why. The slogan tee trend isn’t exactly new. As someone growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, slogan tees where everywhere. I was sent to the office and my mother had to leave work to bring me a new shirt because the middle school deemed my “boyz r toyz” Pinocchio tee against school rules. Now I’ll admit as a 13-year-old that shirt doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but everyone wore them. I happily joined in.

The reason we remember these shirts many years later (not because my mom still brings it up as some kind of parenting annoyance) is because we begin to associate people with the messages they are sending. Whether you know the person or not what they choose to display on their shirt makes you create a label of that person. I don’t believe any girl my age is truly “50% angel, 50% devil” and I definitely don’t think “boyz r toyz.” I don’t even know what that means nor how to make a boy a toy. These shirts have a history rooted in the 60s and 70s when expressing your personality was beginning to be accepted by society. There were social causes, catch phrases, and segments of society that subscribe to their own norms.

What originally began as anti-war protest (I love my John Lennon anti-war shirt still) statements has now transitioned into more feminist leaning options. Speaking your stance has become a norm again today though the use of social media and the ways it filters into our pop culture lexicon. The trend walks a fine line because it’s obviously being capitalized on by the fashion industry. They will be seen everywhere especially in fast fashion stores, but there are plenty of shirts out there (some here) that donate their proceeds to charities and organizations that support and further women’s rights. No matter where you get them the idea is the same. You’re speaking your mind, taking a stance, and it’s a message you’ll be proud to share for years to come.

I say that because we have far more photographic evidence than we did in the early 2000s. The messages we send stay around longer than the amount of time I ever wore that dumb Pinocchio shirt. I’m sure you can still get a “boyz r toyz” slogan tee if that’s your thing, but maybe try one of these better, political options instead.



What On Earth Is Hygge?

Towards the end of the holiday season I was bombarded with emails about “hygge” and how I could bring the practice into 2017. I was intrigued by the concept purely by its name and realized it’s an incredibly popular movement I knew nothing about. Suddenly every email about recipes that would get me feeling totally “hygge” or furniture that would make my apartment the ultimate “hygge” retreat made sense. Winter, being so dark and cold, can lead to seasonal depression and overall feeling of wanting to hibernate until the spring comes around.

What is it? Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish concept about seeking joy in every day ordinary moments of life. The Danish created the idea to increase their spirits when struck with boredom especially in the cold and dark.

Core Principles? Create a sense of intimacy and togetherness with yourself, your family, your space, and your friends. Evokes a feeling of cozy and warm like Christmas all year round.

How do you practice it? Create stress free atmospheres by de-cluttering. Add warm elements to your decor and increase usage of pillows and blankets. Use candles to create a relaxing environment while taking a bath or having coffee in the morning.

My Verdict: Hygge sounds like my cup of tea. Who doesn’t want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with them throughout the year? With such fast paced lives, I think we can all use the time to stop and enjoy the every day moments just a bit more. Even just sitting quietly while having coffee and enjoying the moment sounds incredibly pleasing to me (and I wonder why I don’t do it more). The decor seems like every cabin I’ve ever been to, and why wouldn’t I want to live in a quirky little cabin? Okay so maybe my city apartment isn’t conducive to a cabin atmosphere, but candles I can do. And maybe it’s just an excuse to buy some better, Scandinavian furniture…. 

LEARN MORE: Little Book of Hygge

Trend Report: Activewear

Activewear and athleisure wear have become wardrobe mainstays for better or worse (I’ve written about it once before here). Since it’s now something that can be worn nearly anywhere outside the gym, it’s taken on a life of its own. There’s even trends now and special collections created by fitness experts and celebrities. There is a greater appeal to wearing something stylish to the gym rather than an old t-shirt and ratty old sweatpants. Plus, taking the time to get healthy and fit leads to greater confidence. It goes full circle.

A few of the trends this year are oversized sweatshirts, sport bralettes, and leggings with prints. Of course these trends aren’t for everyone. I for one don’t love printed leggings. I feel like they accentuate everything I dislike about my legs, but that’s a personal preference.


  • Oversized Sweatshirts – long, baggy, comfortable, and cover everything. Those days where bloating occurs or it feels like that legging fabric is a little too thin, an oversized sweatshirt saves the day.
  • Open-back tank top – Hours spent cultivating the perfect shoulders and back can be showcased through intricately designed tank tops.
  • Bralettes – Bralettes have been a trend for years but now they are being designed for active purposes. Of course, those activities are best left to low impact areas like yoga or the blessed members of the small-chested set.
  • Printed leggings – Printed leggings, especially tropical print, will be huge in the coming months. They break up the mundane solid colors and bring a spark of originality to the gym.
  • Gym bag – Just buy a gym bag already
  • Sport Jacket – Often made with fabrics that breathe and resist sweat, sport jackets are a chic way of covering up while running errands or leaving the gym.



Trend Report: Sparkling in Sequins

When thinking of holiday outfits one simple thing comes to mind: the Rudolph dress I wore once in when I was 7 that had a light up nose run by a battery pack. Kidding. It’s sequins. Not everyone can pull off a side ponytail & dress run off a battery pack combo. Parties and festive gatherings are the most frequent and most acceptable places to wear sequins. That and 21st birthday parties when you don’t know any better. But I digress…

According to a Smithsonian Magazine article, sequins date back to the ancient Egyptians and were found on the garments of King Tut. It is believed the discs would ensure his financial stability in the afterlife. They were used by many cultures and were even believed to ward off evil spirits. Old Victorian sequins would even melt to the human body if the weather conditions were too hot or too wet. One of the coolest evolutions of sequins came from a man who worked at Kodak who developed acetate sequins inspired by the popular acetate film. Now they are made of a plastic vinyl which is much less cool.

Sequins take on a new life around holiday time but aren’t strictly for the party scene. When done right they can be worn just about anywhere even the office. I would tread lightly when wearing them to the office. Pick appropriate pieces like a jacket or a pencil skirt paired with a basic tee, sweater, or jeans. Pairing the sparkly wonders with solid color basics will make them more eye-catching focal point rather than a full on questionable choice. Sequin dresses need not apply, please don’t try to wear one of those to the office…My advice (and how I approach sequins) less is more. Choose one piece covered in the sparkly stuff and no more than that. If you’re not daring enough go for something understated or just a handbag.


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