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Styling Trendy Summer Shorts

I know in the past I’ve shared my trials and tribulations with shorts. After countless summers of wearing uncomfortable jeans and unflattering long “jorts” due to self-confidence issues, I finally came to a happy place where I can wear shorts of all kinds. Now I know what kind of shorts I wear the most: denim, pull on, or sworts. Denim shorts are wardrobe staples, pull on shorts are perfect for relaxing or running errands, and, well, sworts are the laziest shorts in the world. So rather than be so boring I decided to do a little research and see what shorts were the most trendy this summer.

Styling-Trendy-Summer-Shorts.pngAs you can see above; Basically the answer was literally any pair of shorts ever. There was leather or leather effect (aka the warm weather sibling of leather pants), and crepe shorts (which are just really loose & flowy Bermuda shorts). Printed shorts ala the 1990s are big (especially florals), and the staples I’ve mentioned above. I felt pretty overwhelmed, but I decided to play around with it a bit. One thing I tried to be aware of is shorts are warm weather clothes so there’s no ankle boots or thin heels. I think that ankle boots are fine with shorts within reason, but it’s a personal preference. I do it depending on the occasion and outfit. Thin heels and shorts just feel so Pinterest to me so I avoid them at all costs (plus I’m clumsy). When wearing shorts I avoid high top sneakers because they cut off my legs at a certain point making me appear shorter. At the end of the day styling any shorts is a personal preference, but below hopefully you’ll find some new inspiration or try a new type of shorts.


Summer Trend: The Classic Neck Scarf

Being from the desert it’s a little hard to imagine me saying to rock a neck scarf, right? Well, truth be told, I’ve rocked a cool neck bandana a couple times despite the heat. Fashion is a sacrifice sometimes, right? But the real reason I fully support this summer trend is because there are so many other ways to wear them.Β One of my favorite ways is in my hair. It can hide unwashed hair while adding a little something extra to an updo. I really like the idea of adding them to my bag or around my ankle because it seems a little unique.



Red, White & Blue

Ah, American Independence Day is (almost) here again. A day to wear as many American flags as possible, drink a nice adult refreshment, and watch fireworks explode in the sky. Sure, the American flag isn’t a required outfit staple on the 4th, at least not since Old Navy stopped making their annual 4th of July shirts (remember those?). I prefer to just go a little more subtle and rock something red, white, blue or a combination of two. It’s just patriotic enough since I believe America tends to already be a little too patriotic every day of the year.

So when it’s time to hit that BBQ, fireworks display, or picnic why not do it in style? Without overdoing it of course…




Summer Style Inspiration

I’ll be straight up honest; getting dressed when it’s 110+ degrees outside is an absolute chore. We’ve had a heat advisory for about a week now, and despite living here my entire life I’m not used to it. There’s no way anyone can get used to walking outside and practically not be able to breathe. Enough about the weather, right? It’s summer and it’s gonna be hot in the Northern Hemisphere.

When you don’t feel like putting a ton of effort into getting dressed you come to appreciate stylish pictures on the internet. There’s just a lot of browsing Tumblr in my lazyΒ Target shorts. (#honesty) There are only so many fabric options, colors, and ways to work with what you’ve got when you have three incredibly long months ahead. These are some of my favorite style inspo images I’ve compiled on the style tag of my Tumblr (Found here). Β They are definitely giving me the summer vibes I need to get my sh*t together and get dressed.


Yellow + Denim

Looking at my closet right now there is a sea of monochrome colors with a few little dusty pinks or blues here and there. But I’m dealing mostly with black, white, and grey. Certainly no yellow. I think the last time I wore yellow was over 10 years ago and it was a terribly ill-fitting dress. But this spring (and now summer) yellow is a really in color and for good reason. It looks really good with a tan (which I wish I had right now).

Yellow is such a bright, cheerful color which definitely intimidates me. Denim is just a regular staple so there’s just something about pairing them both I find appealing. It’s a very summer combination. Denim just feels rough and tough so breaking it up with the yellow makes it feel lighter. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to incorporate yellow into one’s style so there’s no need to jump headfirst into it. I just know I’d be too intimated to rock another yellow dress, but after browsing around it might be worth trying (I’m really feeling this H&M top). If not there’s still earrings, sunglasses, and even bathing suits to take the plunge with.


Backpack, Sneakers, Sunglasses, Earrings, Top, Shorts, Sundress, Jacket, Sandals, Bag


Cutoffs, Sandals, Sunglasses, Blouse, Bag, Shorts, Tank, Sandals, Bag



Styled: Camisole Top

One of my favorite wardrobe staples is the camisole top. I can’t even begin to count how many I have, but surely I can say the answer is too many. I love how they look and how they can be worn. Whether its casually with a pair of shorts to beat the summer heat or dressed up with a pair of nice cropped trousers, the possibilities are endless. They are incredibly feminine and even a little sexy at times.


Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is an English actress and singer who is most frequently cited as a style icon particularly when it comes to 1970s or French girl fashion. Jane is well known for her partnership with singer Serge Gainsbourg during the 1970s, and for being the namesake of the famous Hermes handbag. Most recently the status symbol of the bag has undergone a change when she asked her name be removed due to the cruel way the bags were made.