Styled: Faux Leather Skirt

I picked up a faux leather mini skirt at Zara while shopping for my recent vacation to Las Vegas. It was on sale and I figured might as well. I really liked it when I tried it on in the dressing room despite not really being sure what I would pair it with on a night out (or any other time really). In the picture above you can see it has a cinched waistband and pockets. Pockets are essential as any girl knows.

A faux leather mini skirt can give any wardrobe a little edginess without trying too hard. It can be paired with a feminine blouse or camisole to tone down the harshness of the leather or it can be worn with a simple t-shirt to make it look more casual. I’ve brainstormed a few ways to rock the mini with the hopes it gets more use than my faux leather birdcage skirt.


Styled: Boyfriend Jeans

A good pair of boyfriend jeans are a wardrobe essential. A girl can never have too many different pairs of jeans. Boyfriend jeans go in and out of style, but right make an outfit look relaxed without trying very hard. They are often baggy with a low waist which is a very 90s type of silhouette for girls. Boyfriends jeans can offset dainty pieces like lace or crop tops to add a little something extra to an outfit.

It girls and fashion girls love boyfriends jeans so there’s plenty of places to look for inspiration. One of my favorite ways to wear distressed boyfriend jeans is with a baggy sweater and loafers. It looks effortlessly chic but not too relaxed where it becomes frumpy. There are tons of different washes, styles, and brands to check out so it’s easy to find the right pair.

If you haven’t considered them before or thought they were out of style here is some inspiration to guide you.


Bodysuit, Jeans, Sunglasses, Heels, Handbag


What I’m Wearing

A way back somehow (I’m not very sure how) I began receiving the Goop email newsletter. A long with links to interesting stories on their website the offer tips and tricks, how-to’s and product recommendations on fashion and style. At the very end of the newsletter there’s a section of clothing and accessories they currently love. I think it’s pretty cool because what they choose often puts together a really chic outfit with clickable links to buy.

So I’m super casually borrowing it for my blog. I can’t confirm the people at Goop actually use, wear, or love those stylish pieces, but because this is my blog I can confirm I do. I thought this might be a little different than an #OOTD because I want to share the outfits I’m obsessed with or just think are pretty great.

This outfit I wore to Easter dinner at my parents this past weekend. The birdcage skirt is brand new in the spring releases of Who What Wear’s collection with Target. My only gripe is the white is very…thin when it comes to the sun. No matter what color underclothes I tried to wear there was a shadow or they were visible. I would much rather have this skirt in black (it’s available online). Other than a pretty spring skirt the rest of what I chose were just classics in my closet.

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Spring Shopping List

There are three factors that contribute to me wanting to go shopping. Either I haven’t bought clothes in a while (“a while” being relative), Zara is having a sale, or I have just cleaned out my closet of clothes I no longer wear. Fortunately for me, all three of these things are currently true so I’ve created a bit of a shopping list. This shopping list is a combination of spring trends and just a few other things I wish my closet currently had.

I bet you can gather which are the trends (this monochrome girl isn’t jumping at the bit to rock some yellow now is she?) and what are pieces I have my eye on. Huge spring trends include yellow, banker stripes, flat mules, and tulle. Every girl needs a good pair of mirrored sunnies and I’ll buy nearly anything with stripes (hi, blog name). I don’t necessarily need a new bralette, but Madewell has a lingerie collection I am absolutely obsessed with.

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February Shopping List

The transitional fashion season is upon us. It’s not (that) cold anymore, but it’s also not that hot. It’s just….nice out. That really doesn’t stop me from online shopping or dreaming up everything my closet needs. Or what I think my closet needs anyway…

MOTHER frayed denimWestward Leaning x Olivia Palermo sunglassesAdidas sweatshirtTopshop dressCorinne braletZara braletZara slingback flats

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Every season there are a select number of items every closet needs. Surely by now everyone knows what their winter essentials are. The only real criteria is that they provide warmth from the frigid temperatures outside. The supplementary criteria is they are stylish but comfortable.

If there wasn’t a secondary criteria, any ratty hoodie and ill-fitting jeans would do just fine. No one is truly going to know if there’s a hole in your sock if you’re wearing boots, right? Wrong. You will. Just knowing that is enough to bring down my whole confidence. I’ll just spend the entire day worried at some point I’ll have to remove my boots and everyone will know I have a hole in my sock. Each of us have our own individual style so what we consider essential will be different. But once we know what those items are, they become easy to swap and replace with updated, trendier versions.

Take for instance skinny jeans. They are classics but this season it’s all about the frayed ends. Since we likely have a large collection of skinny jeans, adding the trendier styles can upgrade our looks for the season while adhering to our classics. Many of the things featured here (like the trench coat) are pieces that every wardrobe should have to begin with. They are the most timeless pieces that stand the test of time. These items here are the building blocks for my winter wardrobe. They make mixing, matching, and layering a breeze (especially when it goes from the 40’s to the 70’s in a millisecond).


H&M plaid shirtTopshop basic teeZara turtleneckMadewell cardiganZara leggingsForever 21 ankle bootsJ. Crew trench coatLC Lauren Conrad tote bagTheory beanie


ASOS button down shirtMadewell chunky knit sweaterZara skinny jeansH&M black pantsNine West bootsTopshop leather jacketZara coatPlush socksCoach scarf

Trend Report: Activewear

Activewear and athleisure wear have become wardrobe mainstays for better or worse (I’ve written about it once before here). Since it’s now something that can be worn nearly anywhere outside the gym, it’s taken on a life of its own. There’s even trends now and special collections created by fitness experts and celebrities. There is a greater appeal to wearing something stylish to the gym rather than an old t-shirt and ratty old sweatpants. Plus, taking the time to get healthy and fit leads to greater confidence. It goes full circle.

A few of the trends this year are oversized sweatshirts, sport bralettes, and leggings with prints. Of course these trends aren’t for everyone. I for one don’t love printed leggings. I feel like they accentuate everything I dislike about my legs, but that’s a personal preference.


  • Oversized Sweatshirts – long, baggy, comfortable, and cover everything. Those days where bloating occurs or it feels like that legging fabric is a little too thin, an oversized sweatshirt saves the day.
  • Open-back tank top – Hours spent cultivating the perfect shoulders and back can be showcased through intricately designed tank tops.
  • Bralettes – Bralettes have been a trend for years but now they are being designed for active purposes. Of course, those activities are best left to low impact areas like yoga or the blessed members of the small-chested set.
  • Printed leggings – Printed leggings, especially tropical print, will be huge in the coming months. They break up the mundane solid colors and bring a spark of originality to the gym.
  • Gym bag – Just buy a gym bag already
  • Sport Jacket – Often made with fabrics that breathe and resist sweat, sport jackets are a chic way of covering up while running errands or leaving the gym.